In 'Zombieland' the main character had a couple rules to keep him alive for instance:

Rule #29: Use the Buddy System

Rule #2: Double Tap

Rule #22: When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out

Rule #17: Don't Be a Hero Rule #18: Limber Up

Those are some that they used in an actual apocalypse. Now, not all of those will work in a zombie 5k. Here are some I think would be helpful for a zombie 5k.

  • 1

    Double Knot Your Shoelaces

    Taking the time to tie your shoelaces gives a zombie enough time to sneak up on you, or chase you down. If you have a zombie already in pursuit, you won't have time to stop, and you run the risk of tripping over your own shoelaces. As we have seen in most horror movies, tripping almost always leads to death. The only thing is, in horror movies they seem to trip over thin air, not shoelaces. So don't take the chance, double knot.

    sheeshoo, Flickr
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    Use the Buddy System

    This was one rule they did use in Zombieland that applies here. If you run in a group, the odds are in your favor-depending on where your at. If you are in the middle, you might have a better chance than if you are on the outside. You don't have to out run the zombie, just your friends.

    Universal Pictures
  • 3

    The Spin Move

    This works great in flag football and should work great in a zombie run. You will be given health flags. If a zombie pulls all 3 of your health flags, you will not be eligible for prizes. Spinning not only makes it harder to grab your flags, but confuses the zombie as well.

    Catalina Gracia Saavedra, Flickr
  • 4

    When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out

    Walking the trail and knowing the area will make it easier. You will have a better idea of where possible zombies could be lurking. You will also have an idea of an escape route if zombies are at your heals.

    Adam Berry, Getty Images
  • 5

    Know Your Pace

    Save your energy and breath by taking it easy until you are in immediate danger. Than you can turn on the juices and break away from pursuing zombies. Only sprint when necessary, especially in likely zombie hang out spots.

    Carl De Souza, Getty Images
  • 6

    Limber Up

    As most runners and athletes know, you always want to stretch before doing any strenuous activities. Zombies don't bleed or breath they are dead, so they won't have a problem cramping up. You don't want to have that problem either.

    Amy Sussman, Getty Images
  • 7

    Bring a Change of Undies

    No matter how tough you think you are, when a zombie jumps out of no where and scares the crap out of you--literally-- when you're done, you will want an extra pair of underwear.

    funkomavintage, Flickr