We've talked a lot about the entertainment at the upcoming Colorado Pork and Hops celebration. But, in my opinion, we haven't talked nearly enough about the real star of the show - BBQ.

Yes, we're thrilled that Pop Evil, Royal Bliss and Montgomery Gentry will be joining us. It'll be a ton of fun listening to them get loud in Grand Junction. But, it wouldn't be nearly as sweet without BBQ in our hands. Here are some previously undocumented facts about the benefits of eating BBQ.

1. Women love BBQ

2. You can help children memorize two letters of the alphabet by feeding them BBQ

3. BBQ can help put you through college

4. Colorado people do BBQ better than anyone else

5. BBQ can get you high

Come to Colorado Pork and Hops on September 11 and 12 and we will prove to you that these facts are true. And, even if they aren't, you can still enjoy some sweet, sweet BBQ.