We've found one more thing everyone can blame on the financial industry: disrupting the shoe shine market. Financial executives from New York City's Wall Street are making the trek to Star Shine NYC, a shoe shine shop which employs attractive 20-something girls who wear tank tops and tight shorts while they polish the shoes of customers.

“A lot of people are comparing us to [Hooters], and I can’t really argue,” owner Kevin White, 30, told the New York Post.

Let's hope for Hooters' sake that White means people are comparing the girls and not the food. The shop charges $7 per shoe shine and $10 for a full boot shine. Both of those rates are nearly double what other local shops charge, but guys, naturally, don't mind, because all men are horn dogs.

"It’s a lot nicer coming here than where I usually go — where my shoeshine guy is 75 years old,” said one Wall Street trader.

Men are such simple creatures. If you recruited six attractive female dental students, you could offer free experimental dentistry without anesthetic and guys would bail on the doctor they have gone to since childhood just to be around hot girls trained to inflict pain on them.