Someone in Baton Rouge, LA just escalated the war on Hipsters. While the Louisiana city isn't as synonymous with the Hipster movement as places like Portland, OR or Brooklyn, NY a landlord there couldn't help but reach out to those of Hipster ilk interested in renting his house in an excessively scathing, condescending rental ad on Craigslist.

The text of the 'Hipster-Ass Hipster House' ad on Baton Rouge's Craigslist can be deconstructed into phrases for a Hipster cliche bingo card. Hipster references included in the ad are: Miller High Life, irony, PBR, American Spirit cigarettes, skinny jeans, an '80s dance party and the words "too mainstream." Somehow the salty landlord forgot to mention fixed gear bikes, organic food and Jack Kerouac. The ad also takes an equal opportunity parting shot at emo kids.

The Hipster-hating landlord claims the house has already been rented, but the entire Hipster-hating Craigslist ad makes us think the home was not even available in the first place; it was just a convenient forum for the attack on Hipsters. If Hipsters have any sense of humor, they'll send American Apparel ads to the ad's response email from now until the end of time.