You really never know what you'll find on Craigslist and there's always a plethora of things up for grabs for free on Craigslist. Here are five free things that are on the Western Slope Craigslist right now.

We've seen pianos, kittens, chickens, and antique pianos all being given away for free on the Western Slope Craigslist. It's amazing how much stuff people get rid of for free every single day.

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Here are five free things that are on the Western Slope Craigslist right now.

Someone is giving away a free treadmill in Grand Junction. The only thing they wrote in the description, other than the fact that's it's free, is that it could use a little attention. (We think we all could.) Workout equipment isn't free and it'd be great to be able to work out in the comfort of your own home while watching 90 Day Fiance.

You can find this free freezer in Carbondale. The description states that this freezer will save your back (no leaning down to pick up things like a chest freezer) and that it can fit three elk in it. They also added that it's heavy, it works well and it's free.

If you need a mount for your TV, look no further. Someone in Grand Junction is giving away a free TV mount on Craigslist. This large TV mount was used for a 60 inch TV and looks like it's in good condition.

You can get two free couches on the Western Slope Craigslist, one of which comes with a bed built into it. The floral full-size couch has a queen-size mattress built-in, which is described as a hide-a-bed, and there's also a loveseat up for grabs too. These types of 'hide-a-bed' couches come in hand when you need an extra bed but don't want to take out a lot of space.

There are a bunch of free stumps listed right now on Western Slope Craigslist. The stumps are in Fruita and can be used for natural fill and erosion control, according to the listing. The listing also stated that they can deliver the stumps too.

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