There are many reasons that I look forward to summer. Being a male, one of the things that I look forward to, especially over the last few years, is chicks in short jean shorts. It seemed like they would get shorter and shorter every year, but something very bad has happened over the last year or so... A "thing" called high waist shorts

It seems the opposite of "what's supposed to happen" is happening... Dude's shorts are getting shorter and jean cutoffs are popping up like hipsters at a bike party. But while men’s shorts are creeping up the thighs, women’s are climbing up the hips. Like it or not, high waist shorts were a tremendously popular trend with fashion-conscious gals last summer, and I bet they are about to make a comeback this summer. Ripped, patterned, neon, textured — whatever the type, these oddly shaped outer-garments look like a cross between a diaper and the pants my grandma wears pulled up past her boobs, and they are in every women’s apparel store.

I don't like it, and I have a feeling there are a lot of guys who are with me on this one! Please, ladies, ditch these weird looking things and continue with the Daisy Dukes, the yoga pants, and whatever else doesn't interrupt us gentlemen's view of your goods... THANK YOU!