Robocalls. Everybody hates them and it looks like Colorado has a reason to. Luckily, help is on the way to cut them way down.

Statistics show that there between 60 and 75 million robocalls placed across America in 2019.

It's like, 'Why do I even HAVE a phone if all I get are robocalls?' broke down which states were on track to getting the most robocalls in 2019, and Colorado landed at #3 on that list.

Folks in Maryland, #2 on the list, received 18 robocalls per month. So, I'd say Coloradans (#3) must have gotten 12-15 per month.

According to, about 45% of all robocalls were a scam. But, there is a new federal law that makes the penalty for one robocall $10,000; so, we all should be receiving a LOT less of them in 2020.

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