Just so everyone's on the same page, the (hed) p.e. & Skindred show is this Thursday evening at Barons in downtown Junction. The show was originally scheduled for The Mesa Theater but was moved over to Barons. Regardless of the venue, this is one show you don't want to miss.

This afternoon I got a chance to talk with founding member and (hed)p.e.’s frontman, Jahred Gomes. That interview will air on 95 Rock Thursday afternoon plus we'll have your chance to win your way onto my guest list to the show.

The band got its start back in 1994 in Huntington Beach, CA. They perform a style of music which it refers to as "G-punk", a fusion of punk rock and gangsta rap. Jahred stands alone as the only original member, but even as band members have come and gone, the core of what this band has never been compromised.

I ask Jahred "after all these years, what motivates you to, not only continue to perform but make yet another record?" He replied something about "not having a real job in 30 years and sure doesn't want to start now". He also shares his love of songwriting and passion for what he does. The band's tenth studio album "Forever" was released over the summer.

Jahred says "With our new record Forever, we blend Godzilla heavy guitar riffs with beats that will hypnotize." Well, if getting tossed into a heavy metal track sound like a good time, don't miss the show Thursday night at Barons. Tickets are still on sale through The Mesa Theatre website. Snap some up while you can. (hed) p.e. rocks! We'll see you at the show!