A bar in downtown Grand Junction has closed and we're sad to see another local business go. There's currently a "Sorry We're Closed" sign on the front door of the local bar.

The Twisted Turtle at 436 Main Street in downtown Grand Junction has unfortunately closed. There's currently a sign on their front door that states they're closed and it's uncertain whether it's temporary or permanent.

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The last time this downtown Grand Junction bar posted anything on their Facebook was in October of 2020. The Twisted Turtle stated on Facebook that they were waiting to reopen until the number of COVID-19 cases declined and that they 'can't wait to see you all again.'

We attempted to call them but got no answer or voicemail. The location of the Twisted Turtle has been a popular place for a long time in the Grand Valley. Before it was the Twisted Turtle, it was Thunderstruck Valley, which opened on Friday, June 13, 2014.

And before the Twisted Turtle was Thunderstruck Valley, it was Boomers. My coworker, Waylon Jordan, told me that he used to play at Boomers a lot. He played there a lot in 2003-2004 and says it was a very happening jazz club.

The Twisted Turtle was one of the very first places we visited when we moved here. We remember drinking a beer with a friend and talking to the bartender on a random weeknight. It's sad to see another local business close and we'll keep you updated if we find any more information about the Twisted Turtle closing in Grand Junction.

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