Last year saw many businesses including bars and restaurants implementing new delivery services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now the legal marijuana industry is following suit as the city of Denver has one dispensary that now has the ability to deliver marijuana products.

The Denver Department of Excise and Licenses has reported that the popular marijuana dispensary chain Strawberry Fields has received the city's first permit to deliver marijuana via the chain's Denver location.

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Strawberry Field's Denver location was the first in the city to receive the permit and co-owner of the popular dispensary, Rich Kwesell had this to say about the acquisition: 

Delivery will be the largest change to the chessboard that has ever happened. It's like there's a new piece on the board. We're not sure exactly what it's going to do, but it will affect things. We acquired it due to the fact that the building lent itself to future expansion plays, the delivery being one of them. That enormous amount of space will be utilized for order staging. It'll be interesting to see how fast we start adding on more cars. We're still not sure yet.

However, don't expect to get a lifetime supply of weed delivered to you. First of all, deliveries can only be made to your home and are limited to one ounce of flower, eight grams of concentrate, or edibles containing 800 milligrams of THC at most. Payments can be made with cash or credit card but only in-person or through third-party payment systems.


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