Shinedown put in some extra effort with their 2018 studio album ATTENTION ATTENTION, creating a narrative that was translated visually into videos and a film by director Bill Yukich. Now fans will be able to see the collective vision in full as Gravitas Ventures has acquired the distribution rights to the ATTENTION ATTENTION film and will make it available to screen on digital and cable video on demand starting Sept. 3.

Over the course of the story, Yukick incorporated Shinedown band members Brent Smith, Zach Myers, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch into the visual narrative along with actresses Francesca Eastwood and Melora Walters.

"When we created ATTENTION ATTENTION, our vision was always to present the message as a sonic and visual experience. We're really proud of what we created and are beyond excited to partner with Gravitas Ventures to finally bring the film in its entirety to the world,” said Shinedown.

The film provides a visual representation of the 14 songs from the album, laying out a story that provides psychological and emotional turns along the way.

ATTENTION ATTENTION the film is where the songs of the album come together with people this music has had a profound impact on. What begins as many stories, many voices, steadily becomes one message, one voice from many. Years in the making, I am beyond pleased to be able to share this vision, which was inspired by this amazing band,” said Yukich of the film.

While the visual representation is being celebrated with the film's release, the music is still a cornerstone of what fans will see. The band's sixth studio album peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, yielding four Mainstream Rock chart-topping singles in "Devil," "Get Up," "Monsters" and the title track.

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