This happened in Washington state. There's a reason why I mention this. It's the story of a guy who woke up and realized he was being sniffed by a bear. He's fortunate because this could have ended up much worse.

The video is funny because we know that neither he nor the bear was injured, but there's a lesson to learn here. His friends grabbed their phone to record video because they noticed their sleeping buddy was being sniffed by a bear.

Here's a couple sentences from the guy who shared the video explaining what happened. See if you can notice the part where this guy made a nearly fatal mistake. Yes, it's the bold part.

We just finished our hike and I was using the bathroom and one of my buddies told me I better come to the tent campground as fast as I can. The bear was trying to get into the tent where the man was storing his food.

The dude was storing his food in his tent in bear country. Chow Hound goes into great detail about why you never store food or garbage in your tent when you're camping. They mention the vital bear storage canisters and even recommend that you avoid bringing any kind of meat or highly-scented items with you at all. Bears have a legendary sense and range of smell. Doing what this guy did was asking for all kinds of trouble and could also end up being fatal for the bear if he gets comfortable seeking food in a campground.

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