I have always seen Grand Junction as a safe place to live. I wanted to see how it stacked up when you put neighborhood up against other neighborhoods in town. There are a few differences, and here are the top 10 Safest Neighborhoods from #10 to #1. Enjoy!

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    Fruitvale #10

    According to NeighborhoodScout Fruitvale is a trendy area of Grand Junction. With rent averaging about $900 a month. Fruitvale comes in at #10 on the safest neighborhoods.

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    Center of Grand Junction #9

    This area is a mixture of some older houses, and some newer. Some people in this area have incomes near or at the poverty line, with an average rent of over $1,000, all encapsulate the survey of safest neighborhoods.

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    Highview Road #8

    This area of town is almost split in half male/female. Amazingly enough, over 50% of residents are married, and are varied in age. Highview comes in at #8 on the list!

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    Pear Park #7

    This area offers more mid-sized single family homes, and is known more for an area that is good for walking and getting out and about.

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    Rosevale #6

    This neighborhood is a bit more suburban and known for being quiet. Almost 60% of the residents in this area of town are married.

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    Highland Park #5

    We are halfway through the list of safest neighborhoods! Have you found yours yet? At #5 we find Highland Park. This neighborhood has a nice mixture of housing options and pricing, and for being walkable, quiet, and still seen as a trendy part of town.

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    U. S. Highway 50 #4

    If you live in the neighborhoods surrounding Highway 50 here in Grand Junction. You have good company. With many homes in the area that is considered to be middle-income. You are surrounded by neighbors of which over 60% are married, and the biggest age group here is 45 to 64-year-olds.

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    Appleton #3

    We are getting closer to the #1 safest neighborhood in Grand Junction. Coming in at #3 is the Appleton neighborhood.

    Appleton is one of the largest neighborhoods in Grand junction. Housing varies in price, but over 72% of the people in these neighborhoods are married. There is a very good balance of all age groups in these areas.

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    The Redlands #2

    We are 1 away from the Safest Neighborhood in Grand Junction. Coming in at #2, is the Redlands. This middle-upper class neighborhood is a family oriented area, with beautiful surroundings.

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    32 Road #1

    Congratulations to neighborhoods along 32 Road! You are the number one safest area in Grand Junction according to Neighborhood Scout! You have the perfect blend of people, activities, and surroundings that all combine to make you the safest area in Grand Junction.