Grand Junction is the most unsafe city in Colorado.

Nobody welcomes this kind of news. However, it appears to be the case. It's based on the results a recent report by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. It surveyed Colorado cities of 10,000 residents or more and the results landed Grand Junction last on the list of "safest cities in Colorado."

That report was based on FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics involving violent crimes like assault, murder, rape, and robbery. It also included property crimes like burglary, theft, and even arson. The most unsafe result is mostly because the city finished last for property crimes. The number was based on a per 1,000 people average. Grand Junction also finished third from the bottom in violent crimes. Montrose didn't fare much better finishing third from last overall.

Grand Junction Police can confirm the increase in violent crimes. It's unclear the reason for the increased crime and criminal activity. Law enforcement, city officials, and the City Council are committed to public safety and will respond with whatever resources necessary to help prevent crime and keep Grand Junction citizens safe.

Credit: KKCO 11News

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