I posted a Facebook question asking what you would do if you won the Powerball jackpot, here are the results.

Practical Answers

Many of you said that the first thing you'd buy if you won the $373 million Powerball jackpot would be something practical. A lot of people said that they would buy a house first, and I can't disagree with that idea one bit. Jennifer went a step further and said that she would buy a house so that her pets, or "furbabies" as she calls them would have a safe place to live where no one could turn them away. She also went on to say that she would get a modest house, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Others said that they would use the money to pay off debt, which is admirable. Andy said that he would do this first, then buy a house to retire in, then invest the money so he wouldn't succumb to the infamous lottery curse. Another practical answer among listeners was that they would hire a lawyer first thing. Smart!

Generous Answers

There were also a lot of answers that were generous in nature, which was really nice to see. Nicholas said that he would pay off a friend's debt, Traci said that she would buy dictionaries for all of her students, and Heather said that she would make sure that her mom is set for the rest of her life.

Funny Answers

And finally, many of you gave answers that made me chuckle. Ben said that there's a reason why the universe will not allow him to have that much money. "Nuff said." I can relate.

Phillip made light of how expensive it is to go to the movies and said that the first thing he would buy would be "popcorn and soda at the movie theater."

Nikki, in a similar fashion, said that if she won the Powerball jackpot she would buy "a fountain soda and cheese fries," adding, "Not even gonna lie, a girls gotta eat."

And finally, I believe quoting a news segment that went viral, John said that the first thing he would spend the money on would be hookers and cocaine. Classy.

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