As you drive down 4th Street in Grand Junction, Colorado, look to the right at the corner of 4th and Ute. You'll see a City of Grand Junction Land Development Application Pending sign. What's going on?

This project has been in the works for some time. You can probably recall a time when a 100-plus-year-old house stood at this site. Big plans are underway at this vacant lot.

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Corner of 4th and Ute In Grand Junction, Colorado

If you look towards the southwest corner lot at the intersection of 4th Street and Ute Avenue, you'll see this sign.

Application at 4th and Ute in Grand Junction Colorado (2)
Waylon Jordan

A quick search reveals application SPN-2023-146 was submitted on March 3, 2023. The project's designation is "Mother Teresa Place." The status of the application is "Active."

The precise address is 347 Ute Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado, 81501.

Application at 4th and Ute in Grand Junction Colorado
Waylon Jordan
Application at 4th and Ute in Grand Junction Coloradomap (1)
Waylon Jordan / Google Maps / Canva

What Is 'Mother Teresa Place'?

According to the description at, the project is:

Request approval of [sic] to construct a 3-story, 40 single bedroom apartment building on 0.55 acres in a B-2 (Downtown Business) zone district.

Looking back to November of 2021, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported, "Grand Valley Catholic Outreach continues to move forward on a 40-unit apartment complex called Mother Theresa House in the 300 block of Ute Avenue, which will house the chronically homeless."

Built For Zero

The Daily Sentinel adds the project is part of a nationwide effort called Built for Zero. According to Community Solutions:

Built for Zero is a movement, a methodology, and proof of what is possible. Over 100 cities and counties have committed to measurably ending homelessness for entire populations. Using data, these communities have changed how local homeless response systems work and the impact they can achieve. Together, they are proving that we can build a future where homelessness is rare overall and brief when it occurs.

Other Colorado communities participating in Built For Zero include:

  • Fremont County
  • Western Colorado
  • Roaring Fork
  • Southwest Region
  • Denver
  • Northern Colorado
  • El Paso County
  • Pueblo

What's the backstory About This Grand Junction House?

According to, the house was built in 1900. It seems during its early years, the structure provided housing for railroad workers. As the son of a Grand Junction railroad worker, I find this awesome.

301 S 4th Street in Grand Junction B
Google Maps

Completion Date

The application at does not include a projected completion date.

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