The Grand Junction Spotlight is on up and coming photographer, Josh Cline. Josh is a Mass Communication major at Colorado Mesa University and was introduced to photography through The Raw Canvas.

He's currently an intern at The Raw Canvas his photography all started with social media.

I kind of realized that I was going to have to start doing photo shoots because I wanted to make it more personal. And it kind of just took off from there.

I did a photo shoot with Josh a couple of months ago and I've been following his work ever since. He's learning with experience and his photo shoots are only getting better and better -- which makes me even more excited for our next shoot.

Josh says he absolutely loves shooting portraits.

That's the thing I love about portraits, is that each person is different. And you get their uniqueness and I love that capturing that.

He also said that he loves the freedom that you have to create any kind of photo that you want. I've done one photoshoot with Josh and can't wait for the next one this weekend.

It's a good feeling knowing that you've got all the creative freedom between your photographer to get whatever kind of shot you want. If you'd like to book a shoot with Josh, see his page here.

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