Local Love is all about Emily Kriss the Grand Junction photographer. Here's how Emily Kriss got into photography and why she loves shooting couples so much and her favorite place to shoot in Grand Junction.

Every Thursday we feature someone local and share their story during Mix 104.3's Local Love. The star of the show this week is Emily Kriss, who is a photographer here in Grand Junction.

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Emily made her way to Grand Junction for a whole month now. She's from the area, but left and spent some time in Greeley, overseas and in Kansas. She feels like there have been things throughout her whole life that pointed her toward photography.

When Emily was a kid she would steal her parents' camera and take pictures of everything. She was also obsessed with fashion magazines and had them plastered all over her room as a kid.

She studied apparel and merchandise at Colorado State University and was in brand photography for awhile. Everything changed when Emily's friend asked her to take some pictures of her and her boyfriend.

She fell in love with taking pictures of couples and here's why. Emily loves to capture each person's uniqueness and their authenticity. She says when she takes the right picture at the right moment, she captures people's authentic soul and personality in the photo.

Emily loves to show off the unique qualities that each person has and how couples interact with each other. She says people don't notice what she sees, how couples laugh at each other and the look they give each other that they don't even know they're giving. Emily says that's her job to capture that and that's what she loves doing.

We had to know if Emily has a favorite place to shoot around Grand Junction and she says that definitely the Colorado National Monument. She's done a lot of sessions on the Monument and is planning a lot more there.

Local Love: Emily Kriss the GJ Photographer

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