The Grand Junction Spotlight is on a very talented local photographer, Casey Dittmer. Casey is an award-winning photographer and does maternity shoots, family shoots and more.

Casey Dittmer is an award-winning photographer here in Grand Junction and has recently been named the 2018 Maternity Photographer of the Year in Australia. Casey told me she discovered her love for photography when she was in High School.

It all started by working for Mock photography in high school. Casey was drawn to maternity photography because it's a niche in the industry.

She loves how dynamic maternity shoots are working with the baby bump shape and she says she loves empowering women who might not be comfortable in that temporary body.

Casey finds maternity photography very inspiring and having three kids has helped her approach.

I love my children, I loved having those babies but I wasn't comfortable in that body or confident. So giving people that ability to see how beautiful they are but also how strong they are, and how empowering of a process that it - that is kind of the approach that we take, kind of the rockstar treatment.

Casey says she's not afraid to take charge during her photo shoots. She'll guide you on how to stand, how to breathe, so your finished product is phenomenal.

Casey says one of the best things she gets is the feedback after the shoots. She loves that the shoots allow people to see how truly beautiful and strong they are. Find out more and book your shoot with Casey Dittmer here.

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