A city ordinance says it's on you to keep the sidewalks clear.

This winter has been the coldest and wettest that I've experienced since my arrival a couple years ago. As this part of the country continues to suffer from a lack of moisture nobody wants to complain about a little snow, including me. A couple inches here and there is hardly harsh winter conditions.

Saturday morning I was sipping coffee and considering a how best to start my day when I heard the familiar sound of a shovel scrapping the sidewalk. A couple guys were working to remove the snow around the block and along the street. I'm guessing they were hired hands as my landlords live on the front range. I wondered too why they were clearing my sidewalk.

Now I know, its the fear of litigation or a fine. If you didn't know, it's the owner's responsibility to remove snow and ice around your place, including the sidewalk in front. The City of Grand Junction Municipal Code Section 12.16.090 says..."sidewalks adjoining your home and/or business must be cleared of snow, ice and debris within 24 hours after a snowfall."

If I owned a shovel I would have jumped out and helped the guys. It was a couple inches and certainly not that tough to clear. If you have to clear your sidewalk, consider helping that older neighbor that lives on your block. Extending a helping hand will help them meet the city code requirement. Failure to shovel and de-ice around your property, you can result in a fine as much as a few hundred dollars or worse. If someone were to fail and get hurt in front of your place, that could cost you much more.

Credit: NBC11News

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