As I'm sure you've heard, the Grand Valley has been hit with a really nasty stomach bug called the norovirus, or as I've dubbed it, "The Palisade Pukes." The virus swept across western Colorado, first closing Palisade High School for a couple of days, then hitting Grand Junction so bad that the entire school district 51 shut down. Although illnesses sweep through schools pretty regularly, this one was so bad that the shut down made national news.

The biggest reason that the schools had to close was not only so students and faculty could recover, but to sanitize the schools so thoroughly that anyone not affected wouldn't catch the virus.

CBS This Morning did a story on it where they actually showed the cleaning crews, decked out in masks and gloves spraying the classrooms down with what appears to be a bleach solution. The sprayers are what caught my eye, as they slightly resemble the blasters used by the Storm Troopers in Star Wars.

However, while the sprayers in the video were pretty Star Wars-esque, the cleaning equipment in a different story by Grand Junction's KJCT looked even more like they belonged to Storm Troopers.

Honestly, I've never seen an illness spread through a school, or for that matter an entire district, that was so bad that they had to shut down and spray down every surface. Which, naturally, is probably why I've never seen one of these things. Let's hope that with the help of these brave souls (I wouldn't want to be in there) that the Palisade Pukes will be conquered just like Darth Vader was.

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