If Grand Junction could any kind of animal, this is the kind of animal they would own. These are the Grand Junction's pets of their dreams.

Colorado alone is home to 960 wildlife species, which means, there's a lot of different species of animals out there. I love all kinds of animals from chameleons, koalas, to trout, to bobcats and elk.

I asked you on our Facebook 'if you could own any kind of animal, what would it be?' and here's what Grand Junction had to say about the pet of their dreams:

A lot of Grand Junction would like to own big kitties. Some of Grand Junction's dream pets include a cheetah, a tiger and a lion. One of the first animals I thought of, was some kind of a large cat like a Serval cat or a lynx.

Grand Junction's dream pets also include a turtle and a jellyfish. I currently own a turtle and highly recommend it. They're really easy to take care of and they make you laugh, especially when my turtle plays with my cat, Jax.

More of Grand Junction's dream pets are birds. Birds like a bald eagle, a hawk and a parrot. Terri Snyder on our Facebook says see sees bald eagles 'almost every morning and thinks it's the epitomoy of being an American.'

Some other answers we received on our Facebook about Grand Junction's number one pet they'd love to own are:

  • A squirrel
  • A sloth
  • A chimpanzee
  • A sea otter
  • An English Mastiff
  • A Clydesdale
  • A giraffe
  • A wolf
  • A koala

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