One thing Colorado Parks and Wildlife does is make endangered species no longer endangered. These are 5 endangered/recovering animal species in Colorado.

One amazing thing about our great state is that Colorado is home to 960 wildlife species. This makes for a pretty busy job if you work for Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife posted on their Facebook about their efforts to help our endangered and recovering species here in Colorado. Here are five endangered and recovering species, which are making progress on making a comeback, thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

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    Black-Footed Ferret

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

    First of all, these little guys are just absolutely adorable and we want to help them make a comeback too. They're currently federally and state endangered. CPW recently re-introduced black-footed ferrets to six different sites in Colorado/

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    Canada Lynx

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

    CPW reintroduced these Canada lynx starting in 1999 to create a self-sustaining population. It was a success, but the lynx is a federeally threatened and state endangered species.

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    Lesser Prairie-Chicken

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

    The prairie-chicken's status is still being monitored, even though they're no longer listed as threatened in Colorado. CPW brought in 205 lesser-prairie chickens to make it happen.

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    Bald Eagle

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

    The majestic bald eagle was removed as an endangered species in 2007. According to CPW, bald eagles are still monitoring nesting bald eagles here in Colorado.

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    Boreal Toad

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

    Boreal toads are currently endangered in Colorado but have recently upped their survival rate. An experiment was done to prevent deadly fungus by bathing the toads and resulted in a 40% survival rate increase, according to CPW.