The city of Grand Junction, Colorado, and surrounding areas are filled with cool things that are pretty well-known. For example, if you take a trip downtown you're pretty likely to run into some cool art on the street, you can check out real-life dinosaur bones just down the road in Fruita, and if you're on the hunt for peaches or wine, Palisade is the place to be.

However, there are also lesser-known attractions on this side of Colorado that even locals may not know about, including a place that anyone who happens to be a fan of trains might call heaven on earth.

Keep scrolling to learn about, and take a virtual tour of this train lovers' paradise.

Grand Junction is Home to a Train Lovers' Dream

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In case you're not familiar, there is a place known as The Grand Valley Railroad Club right off Patterson Road in Grand Junction. More specifically, the attraction is located at 3073 F Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81504.

When you pull up to this place, you're greeted by several bright red box cars, as well as some old antiques such as old train wheels and even some old, rusty hand carts.

However, the most impressive thing at this hidden gem is a massive, detailed, and intricate model train track.

The train track undoubtedly took a lot of man-hours to build and stretches all the way across the property, under a real-life train bridge and is filled with tiny buildings which include little houses, depots, and even a church with a miniature cemetery.

Take a virtual tour of this unique, train-themed, hidden gem right here in Grand Junction, Colorado:

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