The word 'trippy' can certainly apply to numerous well-known places in Colorado. There's the International Church of Cannabis, a house built by a man on hallucinogenic drugs, and downtown Denver's latest artistic mind-melter, Meow Wolf.

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Well, as of last month, a new spot has officially arrived in the Mile High City that may be considered a younger cousin of the aforementioned Meow Wolf that certainly earns the distinction of 'trippy.'

Keep scrolling to learn about Bubble Planet and, perhaps more importantly, take a virtual tour of this new, mind-blowing Colorado attraction.

Colorado's New + Trippy Bubble Planet

Like many widely-known attractions in downtown Denver, Bubble Planet is a fun experiment designed for all ages. However, unlike some attractions like, say, Ocean Journey, Bubble Planet literally feels like a trip to another planet.

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Located at 3900 Elati Street in downtown Denver, Bubble Planet officially opened its doors in May of 2024 and is truly something to be seen.

In fact, seeing is only one of the things visitors do at the attraction as Bubble Planet is described as a "voyage through fantastical, pastel landscapes designed to appeal to all 5 senses."

Bubble Planet is open all week long with the exception of Tuesdays as early as 9 a.m. and stays open as late as 9:30 p.m. depending on the day.

All ages are welcome to experience Bubble Planet as long as children under the age of 17 are accompanied by an adult and ticket prices range between $20 and $30.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of this amazing and trippy new Colorado attraction:

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