Colorado is home to countless popular attractions. If you grew up in the state, you've undoubtedly heard of places like Red Rocks, Casa Bonita, and Elitch's, and have likely been to any or all of them.

However, there are also quite a few attractions in Colorado that are much lesser known and fall into the "hidden gem" category.

Keep scrolling to learn about 12 of these hidden gems and take virtual tours of each one.

Colorado Stores That Are Hidden Gems

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Many of these attractions that may be considered to be hidden gems are stores. They include places like the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, The Mile High Comics Megastore, a vintage toy store that will undoubtedly take you back to your childhood, and the largest antique mall in the state.

Other Unique Hidden Gems in Colorado

In addition, some of these hidden gems are museums and include the Media Archaeology Lab which is filled with retro electronics, a museum filled with miniatures, and a hotel that doubles as a museum for dinosaur bone enthusiasts.

There are also hidden gems that are educational such as Dinosaur Ridge, as well as the National Ice Core Laboratory, and if you're interested in how mountain bikes are made, a real-life mountain bike factory.

We'll also explore a dirt road full of gnome figurines, and a place that isn't much of a gem but is certainly unique - The National Wildlife Property Repository. However, be warned, some of the items in that particular location are tough to look at.

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