A random act of kindness can change someone's entire day. Grand Junction is an incredible community where random acts of kindness happen daily. These moments should be talked about more often.

I got hit by a random act of kindness on Tuesday, June 21. I had just left Walmart and was sitting at the light at Rimrock and 6&50. I saw a man jump out of his truck and run towards mine. This kind stranger hands me a 50 dollar bill, says congratulations and runs back to his truck. My car windshield had "just married' written on it and Tuesday was actually one month of marriage.

I barely got my excited thank you out of my mouth because it all happened so fast. He completely transformed our day. Little did this man know that some of our wedding cards had been stolen or misplaced at the reception and his 50 dollars was a huge blessing for newlyweds trying to furnish a house.

Our community rocks, but it can sometimes be easy to forget because of all the bad news we see. Let's not forget how many incredible people there are around us.

When have you been part of a random act of kindness? Share your stories.

Wedding thumbs up
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