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We're excited to bring Local Love back, which is all about Jesse James the hiking ferret and his owner Lauren. Jesse James is only about six months old, so he's still a little baby. When Lauren and Jesse James came to the studio he played with a little NERF ball we found for him with us, explored the studio, and then took a nap in his carrier during the interview, which was adorable.

Lauren got Jesse James in December from a pet shop after her other hiking ferret, Oliver passed away. She had Oliver for about five years and really missed hiking with a buddy, which is why she decided to get another ferret.

Lauren taught him how to hike but just putting a harness and leash on him and he took to it immediately. Jesse James pouts for a little bit and then he's good. He hikes about a mile or two with Lauren and she says he's doing great.

Below are pictures of Jesse meeting the Breckenridge Troll, hiking Chief Mountain, Garden of the Gods, going to Red Rocks Amphitheater, and Jesse and Lauren's favorite hiking trails.

Meet Grand Junction's Jesse James the Hiking Ferret

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