Grand Junction's Good Samaritan Clinic of Western Colorado re-opened Saturday.

Just in time too. This season's flu outbreak appears to be worse than in recent years. Over the weekend the Good Samaritan Clinic reopened in their new location at the Downtown Vineyard Church. They are open Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm and by appointment only. They offer a variety of services. If you need primary care, basic lab work, wellness check, school physical, or mental health counseling the Good Samaritan is there to help.

They were busy in their first Saturday back in business seeing 10 patients. The need in the Grand Valley is great. It's believed that over 15,000 people lack healthcare in Mesa County alone.

"We want to be sustainable. We are trying to provide care as insurance changes and the community grows. They'll probably be a lot more people in need of some type of care who cannot access it because they don't have any financial or opportunities to see other services," said Mental Health Practitioner Kari Weirath.

The free clinic is staffed by volunteer physicians and nurses. If you would like to make an appointment, make a donation, or volunteer your time you can contact them at 970-712-6518.

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