An elementary school in Grand Junction just got a new adaptive swing in their playground. The students are all smiles on their new swing at Shelledy Elementary.

Shelledy Elementary School in Fruita has a new addition to their playground, it's a super cool swing that's wheelchair accessible. This adaptive swing has a flat metal platform with barriers to keep the student's wheelchair in place and a protective strap in the front.

The adaptive swing was installed at Shelledy Elementary School just in time for the first day of school. Shelledy Elementary School makes sure to thank everyone involved in the installation. They thank the Parent Teacher Organization for helping to raise the funds for the swing and Sean Lopez and the grounds crew for installing it.

You can watch the video of a student trying out Shelledy Elementary School's new adaptive swing below. The student's name is Bella (according to all of the comments, Bella is one very well known and loved girl) and she's straight-up cheesing the whole time. It looks like Bella loves the new swing because she's smiling and laughing the entire time she's on it.

Another elementary school in Grand Junction has their sights set on a new playground too. Nisley Elementary School is currently raising money to change their playground into a place where all students can play.

Playtime is a part of being a kid and I'm happy to see that all kids will be able to play together at Shelledy Elementary School. Hopefully, Nisley Elementary School will be next school in Grand Junction that makes their playground accessible to all of their students.

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