Grand Junction elementary school teacher, Paul Hughes, just climbed Mt. Everest during his spring break. From his family to his students at Chipeta Elementary School, Paul inspires everyone to dream big.

Paul has been a PE teacher at Chipeta Elementary School for the past four years. He says he loves hiking and climbing, especially the 14ers here in Colorado. 14ers just weren't enough for Paul anymore, so he saw a 16-day trip to Mount Everest and he booked it.

He involved both his kids and his students in his Mt. Everest preparation and also made them think about their own dreams. Paul says his family was his best cheerleaders before, during, and after his trip.

Although he didn't want to leave his family, he knew this trip would teach his kids (and students) to follow their dreams.

Paul said the coolest thing about his trip to Mt. Everest, was being surrounded by so many different races and religions. He says:

You're just surrounded by so many different cultures, learning new cultures, and everyone can get along and everyone is going after similar goals, so why not help each other at?

Paul has some big dreams, including climbing all of the 14ers here in Colorado and also climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. He's got big dreams and he inspires everyone around him to dream big too.

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