Today, one of my listeners in Grand Junction told me that sometimes their roommate pees on the floor. That's not all.

Seconds later, their roommate then looks around the room as if just discovering the pee, and wondering who on earth did it? How do people live like this?

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Grand Junction Colorado Pets Have Us Cracking Up

Today we asked you to tell us a little something about your Colorado pets by answering our question of the day. This usually appears on our Facebook page first thing in the morning. We love likes and follows, but even more, we like getting to know you and your pets and having some fun while we get up in the morning. You can also take us anywhere with our free station app. 

Grand Junction Colorado Has the Coolest Pets on Earth

We love talking to you about your pets. We love when you send pictures, and we love when we get to meet them during visits to the radio station. Funny stories about their strange and unusual behavior are coming your way below. Sometimes a dog or cat just being themselves is also historical.

Grand Junction Tells Us About Funny and Strange Pet Behavior

If people called their pets 'roommates', we would all probably hear some pretty strange conversations up and down the hallway at places all over Colorado. We would hear about roommates who insist on sitting in people's laps during their favorite tv show, roommates who eat food that doesn't belong to them, even roommates who up and run away when the door opens.

Scroll on to see what else they did.

Grand Junction Colorado Reveals Our Roommate's Bizarre Behaviors

We asked you to refer to your pet as your roommate, and then tell us something your 'roommate' does. The responses below are hilarious.

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