Well, well, well...it appears we may have found something that almost everyone in Grand Junction agrees on. We asked you, "What is something Grand Junction needs that it does not already have?"

With hundreds of responses and counting, we would love to know what your answer to this question is. We would love it even more if you recorded your answer on our station app so we can hear you tell this story on the air with us.

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What is Something Grand Junction Needs That It Does Not Already Have?

When we first put this question out to you, we had no idea what the number one answer would be. You did a great job of making hundreds of awesome suggestions, and it didn't take long before it was clear what the most popular answer would be.

What are the Top Five Things Grand Junction Needs According to You?

  1. 5) Bring Back Our Zoo
  2. 4) Improved Traffic Configuration/More Lanes
  3. 3) More Grocery Options/Trader Joe's
  4. 2) Theme Park/Water Park
  5. 1) The Top Answer (See below)

What Grand Junction, Colorado Really Wants is a Recreation Center.

By far, the most popular answer is a Rec Center. Grand Junction wants a place that is open to the public where families can go play. Scroll through the answers below in the photo gallery, or go to the Question of the Day on Facebook to add your answer (click here).

We love how many people got passionate about our need for a public recreation facility! It's a great idea and something most families would use if we did it right. Just based on the hundreds of answers we got for "Rec Center" we sure hope Grand Junction can help provide what its residents are really looking for. Scroll through the answers below to see for yourself.

What Is One Thing Grand Junction, Colorado Wants But Does Not Have?

Grand Junction already has so much to offer, but like any town, residents have a wish list of things we would love to see here at home. One answer stands out as the most popular, and we wholeheartedly agree with you.

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