The 29 Road and Unaweep intersection's getting a traffic light.

If you traveled 29 Road during morning and afternoon rush you're aware of the problem at the Unaweep intersection. Without a traffic light, it's nearly impossible to make a left-hand turn because there are as many as 200 cars turning left per hour every weekday morning and evening. It's a busy part of town with about 13,000 cars driving through 29 Road and 6,000 on Unaweep. A new traffic light will fix that problem.

The City of Grand Junction agrees and says the light should be installed by April 1. That light will include a left turn arrow. Make a note to yourself and try to avoid the intersection while the new light's being installed.

While we're talking city traffic, I'm sure you've noticed that the 4-way-stop is going away as more intersections are converted into round-a-bouts. Cities too are trying to eliminate the most dangerous city driving maneuver, the left-hand-turn. On new city streets, you now have to travel down to end of the block and make a u-turn to get to the street you need. It's all in the name of safety. Of course, these "improvements" mean more construction and the city has more than it's share already.

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