Back in April, Godsmack called off their touring for the remainder of the year, seeing the problems lying ahead of trying to tour during the global pandemic. But that doesn't mean the band hasn't kept busy during the time off the road. Sully Erna recently revealed plans to hopefully finish a new solo record before the year ends, but there's also plenty in the works for Godsmack.

Speaking with the Appetite for Distortion podcast (heard below), Erna revealed that there are two potential Godsmack records in the works for 2021.  "We're starting to get ready to write some more music now for the Godsmack record. We're gonna try to maybe even do two albums next year, so there's an acoustic EP and a full-length rock record," revealed Erna. "And I might even work with the solo band and do some solo stuff. So I've got a lot going on. It's better to stay busy, I believe, than stay bored. Bored gets you in trouble."

Erna had previously spoken about Godsmack beginning to work on new music, but this was the first mention of the acoustic EP. Last month, Erna told Offstage With DWP, "My main priority is to spend the rest of this year with my band, writing, rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, getting new Godsmack ready to go for the top of '21." Erna also revealed during that chat that he had a documentary on his life also in the works.

All of this comes as Erna has also filled his downtime playing host on his own web series, Hometown Sessions. The series was designed to split the focus between celebrity interviews and bringing some attention to mental health during a period where many are self-isolating to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  You can revisit past episodes and see future episodes as they are posted Erna's YouTube site.

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