Enough said?

If you had asked us at the age of 11 what our house would look like, if we were rich, we would have answered without hesitation that the entire floor would be made of trampolines. You know what, we actually still want that. We're not rich though, we're writers. That's why SkyZone is our new favorite thing in the entire world.


SkyZone is a huge indoor park with trampolines covering every inch of floorspace, and angled trampolines on the walls. We hadn't even thought about the walls; these people are geniuses.

SkyZone has open jump times, organized games of 3-D Dodgeball and SkyRobics class. Obviously they also do birthday parties for little kids, which we will be avoiding like the plague because that sounds like a nightmare. But you know, if you like that sort of thing, or have kids, you should look into that. Sure.


Check the website to see if there's a SkyZone near you, and if not, start begging for one. If you're headed there soon, here's what we recommend you play on repeat for the entire drive: