Have you ever visited Colorado's White River National Forest? Today we are headed to Glenwood Springs to check out an Airbnb with some super-reviews.

This cozy cabin for two sits near Storm King Mountain. The peaceful trickle of Canyon Creek in front of the cabin can be heard from the front porch.

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Where is Colorado's White River National Forest?

Colorado's White River National Forest is about 5 miles northwest of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 2.3 million acres of forest surround this area and make for a great escape into the wilderness that is only about an hour away from Grand Junction. 

What Activities are Near this Glenwood Springs Airbnb?

There are tons of trails that explore the White River National Forest near this Airbnb. Glenwood Springs is also home to plenty of hot springs and spas to help you relax. This rental is only 10 minutes from downtown Glenwood Springs so you can still visit the area attractions, and restaurants, or head up to Glenwood Caverns for some high-altitude theme park fun.

Check Out the Perfect Rental to Explore Storm King Mountain near Glenwood Springs

Scroll through the photos that show off this cozy cabin and the White River National Forest below. This Airbnb is hosted by Ali and has received a score of 4.98 out of 5 which means this will be an enjoyable stay for two. Check out all the enthusiastic reviews about this rental with the link at the end of the photo gallery below.

Glenwood Springs Airbnb Sits Near the White River National Forest

This Glenwood Springs Airbnb puts you right next to the Storm King Mountain trailhead which explores the White River National Forest area and more.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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