Denver Scout packs will soon accept girls.

Denver area Boy Scouts of America packs will soon welcome girls. Cub Scouts are already allowing girls to join as part of an "early adoption program." This new BSA "girls too" program goes into full effect August 1st.

My son was in Scouting while we lived in the Wichita, Kansas area. One of our more memorable camp-outs was the packs trip to Camp Alexander near Pikes Peak here in beautiful Colorado. We had regular scheduled "family camp-outs" where moms and sisters were invited to tag alone. Moms and other female family members played vital roles in helping keep the pack rolling and managing programs.

Starting this summer, Denver area packs will welcome both girls and boys to join the ranks. The genders will have separate pack meetings. “Boy Scouts of America made the decision to provide a single-gender program in Scouting and Boy Scouting. What that means is pack will serve a girls-only unit, boys only unit or unique family model.” Both genders will be treated equally. Girls can earn the same ranks, obtain merit badges, and have uniforms like the boys. Girls will have the option to ware a skirt.

Call me "ole school" but I don't understand the need to include girls in Boy Scouts. Are Grand Junction and Grand Valley Scout packs cool with including girls? Will Girl Scouts go away? If so, what will become of those yummy cookies? Boy Scout popcorn isn't nearly as cool as Girl Scout cookies.

Credit: Denver7 

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