With years of success as a member of Godsmack and a burgeoning solo career, Sully Erna is being honored by Gibson with his own signature guitar. The legendary guitar makers recently revealed their Sully Erna Les Paul Studio model.

The guitar, seen below, is ebony black with a pearlescent Godsmack sun emblem emblazoned on the body, paying homage to the band that helped pave the way for Erna. Other special details include double-star 12th fret inlays and a Sully Erna moon and star logo on the headstock. The overall imagery is very much in tune with the tribal vibe that Erna has embraced throughout his career.

Described as a “stripped-down” Les Paul, Gibson aimed to capture the essence of Sully Erna in the instrument in what they describe as “a look and a tone that are emblematic of heavy rock for the 21st century.” The guitar promises to deliver on the “unique and uncompromising sound” that fans have come to expect from Erna and Godsmack. For even more details on the special model, visit Gibson's official page.

While the retail price is listed at $2,300, the guitar is available with a case at music stores for about $1400. So if you have some money to burn, you can rock your favorite Godsmack tunes on this special Sully Erna Les Paul.

Gibson's New Sully Erna Godsmack Les Paul Guitar

Sully Erna Gibson
Gibson USA


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