Germany is home to some pretty awesome things, like tons of awesome beer and lots of hot German babes. We're also huge fans of naked grocery shopping, so the country ranks pretty high up on our list of favorites. But recently, we found out the land of bratwurst and wienerschnitzel is also home to one massive WTF -- erotic zoos. No, Germany. No.

Basically, these are places where people can abuse animals and, in some twisted cases, have sex with them. Some German farms have been found to "rent out animals for sexual exploitation" and train them to do the deed with humans. We also have no idea how the hell they train animals to get down and dirty with people. Nor do we want to know.

The recent rise in these erotic zoos have forced German officials to enforce bestiality laws that prohibit things like 'animal brothels' and the human-goat-humping training program, but we think the slightly bigger issue is what is driving these maniacs to want cow or goat nookie. There are enough German babes to go around, guys.