As reported by IGN, an avid collector attempted to sell his video games collection for $550,000, and as of this morning, the eBay auction has ended with zero bids. So what does 30 years plus of being a pack rat get you?

The seller was offering over 6,850 video games, 6,780 of which were boxed plus over 330 consoles, with 307 of the consoles boxed. Collectibles included Kratos twin blades, a Resident Evil umbrella box, strategy guides, action figures, demo discs, and promotional game soundtracks.

The auction description is one of the longest we've ever seen on eBay, as the seller went into extraneous depth in discussing his treasure. "This collection is the story of the video games from A to Z, from the game & watch and old pong systems to the actual generation of PS3 and Xbox 360," said the seller. "I think that with all the stuff in this auction you can actually open a museum."

The auction has ended, but if you want to travel down memory lane and check out what he claims are an estimated 10,000 photos of his video game library, take a peek at his image shack page.

Is there any kind of video game collection worth over half a million? If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear it!


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