Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about Chloe Noga who is a part of the class of 2020 and just graduated from Fruita Monument High School. Here's how her senior year was different and her plans for after graduation.

Obviously Chloe's senior year of high school was different due to the coronavirus. She says graduation is still up in the air and that they may be able to walk in July. One of Chloe's friend's mom's hosted a dinner party for her and her friends and then they all took pictures in their caps and gowns on the Colorado National Monument.

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Whether she's able to walk or not, Chloe is at peace with it, no matter what happens. She says that she's ready for college and is more looking forward to that versus looking back at high school.

Chloe Noga was a captain of Fruita Monument High's dance team and was on Student Council. She says that some of the best moments in high school were when they went to the state competition and finals in Florida. This was the first time that Fruita High made finals at state, which is a huge deal.

When the summer is over, Chloe will be starting school at Utah Valley University and is majoring in aviation. She said she didn't want an office job and loves to travel and fly, which is why she chose aviation as her major. Chloe told us that only about 5% of commercial airline pilots are women.

The top three places Chloe wants to travel to are Paris, Italy, and Rio de Janeiro. She told us the reason why she picked Utah Valley University is because they offer her major as well as the location. Chloe says she loves to hike, mountain bike, and ski so she didn't want to move somewhere where she could do that.

Chloe Noga told us that having the coronavirus pandemic happen during her senior year taught her that literally everything is uncertain and life is unpredictable and always changes. We know that her Chloe's senior year was challenging and taught her a lot and we're excited and proud that's she's headed to UVU to become a pilot.

To the whole class of 2020 -- congratulations and we are so proud of you.

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