Fruita moves closer to banning smoking in public parks.

Back in early August, I posted about Fruita's efforts to ban smoking in city parks and public places. This week, the Fruita City Council moved a step closer to making the ban a reality.

I'm fine with the ban. It doesn't bother me because I don't smoke but I'm ok with those that do. I agree that indoor smoking should be banned, outdoors not so much. "We're getting closer and closer," says Ture Nycum, Fruita Parks and Recs director.

Tuesday night the Fruita City Council met to review the ordinance language for the potential ban. If approved, smoking would be banned in open spaces and recreational areas.


The ban is being considered for several reasons; the fire danger, litter, and health concerns. I get the first two more than the latter. All smokers know its not good for them to smoke but if they want to, and they are of age, who are we to say they can't? As dry as it is, butts that aren't fully extinguished can be a problem. A rogue cigarette flicked from a car on I-70 sparked a fire recently that closed the interstate for hours. And yes, butts piled up on the ground or sidewalk is littering. If you do smoke, please put your butts out fully and make sure they're disposed of properly.

The City of Grand Junction has already banned smoking in its parks and public gathering places.

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