Yes, I said FREE! Now just because it's free don't think it's some band you don't care to see. Quite the opposite. QUOR is amazing! We here at 95 Rock were able to work our magic, and with some routing luck, we have them here and it's FREE!

The three piece wonder of QUOR is like seeing a pterodactyl. You are scared and yet drawn to its unusual beauty and the danger of its existence. It breaks rules of physics like a Unicorn.

New Ocean Media

No question it's difficult to put a label on this band. The dynamics of rock vs. metal, indie vs. punk will intrigue you. They're a three-headed dragon of thrash, groove, and soul. QUOR will force you to question what you believe about rock. Period

Mesa Theatre

Now you know when the show is, make your plans not to miss it. We'll have more details as we get closer plus interviews and more. Meanwhile take some time to get acquainted with this San Deigo based band. We'll see you at The Mesa Theater Tuesday, November 15th!