Typically, we are not really fans of these kinds of videos where people try to put police or other officials in their place and record their interactions with them.

But this guy is just doing it right.

Kahler Nygard was flying from Minneapolis to Denver. When he got off the plane in Denver, TSA approached him saying the agents in Minneapolis had not completed their screening process before he boarded the plane.

The agents in Denver were not requesting that he submit to additional screening. That's right. They wanted him to be screened for a flight that he had just GOTTEN OFF OF.

Nygard, obviously, thought that this was ridiculous. He repeatedly asked the TSA agent if he was being detained. The agent, said that he was not being detained, but that if he left the police would be called.

Calling his bluff, Nygard hit the road while the TSA agents just stand there. He was not arrested.

Well done, Kahler. Well done.

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