On New Year’s Eve, Fox News was hit with a huge f-bomb on live television. I guess they didn’t learn anything from CNN over the past couple of years. Some might recall the fun Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper had in Times Square during their live show to watch the ball drop.

During the CNN broadcast some drunk guy smarted off to Kathy Griffin and she fired back with ‘I don’t come to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth” which was caught on live TV. I thought it was funny but I bet CNN and the FCC didn’t get a laugh out of it.

Well, Tuesday night while Fox News was bouncing around the country for their coverage they stopped at South Beach, Miami -- If you have never been there let me tell you it's always a party at South Beach. The reporter sees a hot young lady and puts the microphone in her face. That was his first mistake.

This young lady, who had a couple of drinks in her said “We're gonna f--- sh-- up!”

You can see the life run away from the reporter face as the words fall from her mouth. I bet her parents are so proud.