When Mesa County Sheriffs Deputy Derek Geer was killed in the line of duty in February, he hoped, as an organ donor, that someday his death might save another's life. What he didn't know, is it would happen much sooner than expected.

While the local community, Geer's family, friends, and co-workers continue to mourn his death, his dedication to helping others lives on through people like Alan Bronson.

Bronson, who's heart was failing, was on the list for a transplant, but little did he know his new heart would be from a man who's death was both a catastrophic loss and a life-saving gift.

Geer's story was recently featured on CNN's 'Beyond the Call of Duty.' The story of Geer's death has been widely published, but now the story of his selfless choice to be an organ donor providing kidneys, liver and a heart to people desperately hoping for the gift of life, is being told.

The story, while rekindling the sadness of an entire community, is also an incredible tribute to the man, who every day, put his life on the line to protect the citizens of Mesa County.

If there is anything that GeerStrong stands for, we need to look no further than Derek Geer's ability to serve and protect even beyond death.

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