If any journalist deserves their own metal anthem, it’s Anderson Cooper. And Canadian metal band Cryptic Murmurs have given him just that.

Cooper paid tribute to the metal band that supplied him with his own metal anthem as the tune became the focus of his ‘Ridiculist’ segment on CNN last night. Cooper states, “I think the song captures my easy going essence” as the song played with the lyrics, “Anderson Cooper! Anderson Cooper! CNN Cyborg.”

With further lyrics like, “Usually has a stern look on his face / Stands in the middle of hurricanes” Cooper humorously stated, “This song makes me feel warm and cozy.”

The geniuses of Cryptic Murmurs also sing the epic lyrics, “Stole his hair from the mane of Pegasus.” After showing a split image of himself and a Pegasus, which did have a striking hair resemblance the CNN Cyborg, Cooper stated, “That Pegasus wishes he had my hair, not to mention my steely blue eyes.”

Cooper isn’t the only mainstream news journalist to show some love to heavy metal. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has had Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich on her show and has spoke thoroughly about the Tampa death metal scene.

Check out Cooper's 'Ridiculist' segment on his metal theme song above, and hear the whole tune below.

Listen to Cryptic Murmurs Full Song ‘Anderson Cooper’: