There's a 41-year-old woman from Seattle named Kristy Stratton, who works as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. When her 70-year-old mom, Billie Jo was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, she said she had three things on her bucket list.

She wanted to visit Kristy in Seattle, be a passenger on one of her flights, and see her daughter get married. So, Kristy decided to help her mom cross all of them off at the same time.

Last Friday, Kristy married her longtime boyfriend, Jim, at 35,000 feet on a flight from L.A. to Seattle. They did the ceremony over the loudspeaker, one of Kristy's flight attendant friends was the photographer, they even gave the passengers bubbles to blow while they walked down the aisle.

Kristy's mom had a front row seat for the whole thing.

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