A "large flash of light" was spotted in the night sky!

Over on the front range, several persons reported seeing a streaking flash of light. It appears to be a "shooting star" which is what most people refer when a meteor falling from space burns up while traveling through the Earth's atmosphere,

What was spotted yesterday evening just past 6 PM local time wasn't your every day, or should we say every night, shooting star. The "fireball" that appeared to be flying over Pikes Peak was seen by people as far away as New Mexico and Wyoming.

"It absolutely could be a bigger meteor trail," explains Public Relations Director George White from the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society, "The tiny ones leave specs of dust and you don't see anything....the bigger ones they call fireballs," adds White.

Whatever it was it freaked a few folks out. Several people traveling on I-70 called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reporting they saw a “...fireball in the sky!


Credit: KKTV11

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